Canza Finance completed a $3.27M seed fundraise led by Fenbushi Capital

Canza Finance
2 min readMar 22, 2022


Canza Finance completed a $3.27M seed fundraise led by Fenbushi Capital and several renowned Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors in the Crypto Space.

Canza Finance has raised a 3.27m seed round led by Fenbushi Capital, with involvement from funds such as Allegory Capital, Ube Swap, Spark Digital Capital, Hashkey Capital, Protocol Labs, Dominance Ventures, Davoa Capital, Xanpool, MEXC Global, Adaverse Cardano/ Emurgo, Bixin Ventures, NGC Ventures, Consensys Mesh, Celo Founders (Mareck O and Rene), Andy Smith, Jeff Tand, and Richard Dai. This round enables talent growth, scaling up of services in Nigeria, and expansion to Asian and South American markets.

Canza is a Peer-to-Peer Neobank strengthened by Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and facilitated through a robust network of experienced local money market players, Canza service offerings are positioned to empower the Underserved African population. Canza has identified various pain points of individuals and SMEs who bear the brunt of a fractured financial system and is strategically positioned to lift the barriers to traditional and Global finance for everyday people.

A feat accomplished through a fluid integration of blockchain technology with traditional finance, which ensures that existing customer behaviors are maintained. Canza’s USSD Dapp attests to its understanding of the demographic challenges in the region.

What’s next?

Canza’s USSD Dapp averages $200,000 in weekly transactions with over 7,000 Celo wallets created. Subsequently, Canza will announce the launch of its products with services ranging

from swapping, staking, crypto custody, borrowing, treasuring, lending, and remittance solutions attuned to serving the peculiar needs of sub-Saharan Africa and prospective global markets.

SMEs and individuals plugged into the Canza ecosystem will benefit from a simplified decentralized financial system that provides value and aids the ease of doing business within and outside Africa.